Matthew Keenan
Father, Fisher, Author, Lawyer

Connor and Janna Keenan
Brother, Coder, Doctor (smartest people in the family)

Robert Keenan
Brother, Hipster, Dance-enthusiast)

Lori Keenan
Mother, Artist, Baker


Jenny and Tommy Keenan
Sister-in-Law, Brother, Pinterest-worthy couple

Hadley Keenan
Sister, Bernedoodle, Furry Human



Throughout elementary school, teachers identified me as "the artist," sharing the genetic talent of my mother (and fellow Hallmark employee), Lori Keenan. I fine-tuned my painting skills at an all girls’ high school and completed my freshman year at the University of Kansas with acceptance into JSS in Civita, Italy, a plein air painting intensive. Sophomore year, I was able to travel to London, England for an Honor’s English travel-writing program. In the fall of 2016, my Junior year, I assumed the role of President of Kappa Kappa Gamma, a 240+ women sorority.

I spent the final semester of my undergraduate career writing my Honors English thesis titled, "Mending Text(ile)," which paired with my thesis art show containing a 7x7ft embroidered quilt. In May of 2018, I graduated with undergraduate degrees in Visual Arts, English, and Art History. Having interned at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Belger Arts Studio, and the Denver Art Museum, I was allowed the opportunity to work in the European Sculpture and Decorative Arts Department at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York following my graduation. I plan to graduate in September 2019 with a Masters in Art History from University College London.



Visual Art Department

2017-2018      Painting Club; Treasurer of a KU organization that promotes gallery and artist visits

2017                The Kiosk Magazine; Fine Arts Editor for 57th edition of the art and literary magazine

University of Kansas

2017-2018      Jubilee Café; serve breakfast every Tuesday for Lawrence community members

2016-2018      University Honors Program; maintain 3.25 GPA and complete 8 Honors units

English Department

2016-2018      Departmental Honors; earn 3.5 GPA in English courses with 3 capstone units

2016               The London Review; contributor to the Honors’ research, writing, and publication

Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority

2016-2017      President; executive officer of 240+ women at the Omega Chapter

2015-2017      Rock Chalk Revue Director; produce a musical benefiting the Lawrence community

2015-2016      Vice President Organization; manage calendar, committees, and host any visitors 


University of Kansas

2018                Caryl K. Smith Student Leader; 1 of 12 University Awards presented to a KU student

2014-2018      Crimson and Blue; scholarship for 3.4 GPA and completing at least 30 credit hours

Panhellenic Association

2017                Leadership Endowment; fund to assist with service, leadership, and sisterhood

2017                Chapter of the Year; essay application and interview presentation for panel of judges

English Department

2018                Outstanding Senior; granted to a graduating senior in the English Department

2015               Second Year; in recognition of an essay written for a second year English course

Visual Art Department

2014-2017     Daniel MacMorris, Nadine Bishop Meyn, SAV-ART, Letha Churchill Walker, and

                         Beatrice L. Bonine; scholarships awarded for artwork exhibited in annual spring show

Art History Department

2018                Jeanne Stump Outstanding Senior; annually awarded to a senior in art history

2014, 2016     Amsden Book; awarded for outstanding class work within the Department.  

Selected Exhibitions                                           

2016               Featured Student, University of Kansas, Chalmers Hall, Lawrence, KS (solo)

2015               Patrick Saunders Workshop, Eva Reynolds Fine Arts, Leawood, KS

2014                Shooting Stars Exhibition, Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, Overland Park, KS

2014                Student Show, Avila University, Thornhill Art Gallery, Kansas City, MO


2017                KU Art and Literary Magazine, The Kiosk: 57th ed., 4 December

2016               The University Career Center, Humans of KU, 4 March

2016               KU English Department Abroad, London Review 2016, Issuu, 27 April

2016               Sanchez, Omar, The University Daily Kansan, Art in Focus: Maggie Keenan, 31 August

2014                Lifestyle Publications, Leawood Lifestyle, Issuu, 25 February

2014                The Arts Council of Johnson County, Congratulations, 1 May

2014                Thompson, Georgia, Sion Art Talent Recognized at Avila, Le Journal, 5 March

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