Throughout elementary school, teachers identified me as "the artist," sharing the genetic talent of my mother (and fellow Hallmark employee), Lori Keenan. I fine-tuned my painting skills at an all girls’ high school and completed my freshman year at the University of Kansas with acceptance into JSS in Civita, Italy, a plein air painting intensive. Sophomore year, I was able to travel to London, England for an Honor’s English travel-writing program. In the fall of 2016, my Junior year, I assumed the role of President of Kappa Kappa Gamma, a 240+ women sorority.

I spent the final semester of my undergraduate career writing my Honors English thesis titled, "Mending Text(ile)," which paired with my thesis art show containing a 7x7ft embroidered quilt. In May of 2018, I graduated with undergraduate degrees in Visual Arts, English, and Art History. Having interned at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Belger Arts Studio, and the Denver Art Museum, I was allowed the opportunity to work in the European Sculpture and Decorative Arts Department at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York following my graduation. I plan to graduate in September 2019 with a Masters in Art History from University College London.